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This is a shot of the owner of New Zealand watch company - Hunters Race.

Vietnam Law & Admin Procedure Advisory Service

Legal Validity Check On Contracts
Is there any legally invalid conditions in my contract?

Legal Research
Research for specific laws, legal bases, authoritative interpretations and judicial precedents.
Registration Status Check
You may check another company's registration status, shareholders, publicly announced collaterals.
Dispute Resolution
From provisional seizure and departure prohibition to litigation, mediation, arbitration and enforcement.

Montreal offices

Corporate Legal Service

Incorporation · Business License · Capital Increase · Share Deal · Shareholder Change · Charter Amendment · Shareholder Meeting Minute · Director Meeting Minutes · Registration Revision · Liquidation · Bankruptcy · Legal Research · Government Agency Inquiry · Contract Legal Validation · Product Public Notification


Debt Recovery · Enforcement

Debt Confirmation · Implementation Reminder · Warning · Court Record · Litigation · Mediation · Arbitration · Provisional Seizure · Transaction Suspension · Bank Account Freezing · Departure Prohibition · Enforcement · Seizure · Auction · Registration Inquiry · Collateral Inquiry · Real-estate Ownership Inquiry · Bankruptcy Declaration · Creditor Meeting


Legal Due Diligence · Operational Inspection

A significant number of corporations where investors are not resident in Vietnam are exposed to risks such as illegal management, insufficient bookkeeping, record manipulation, concealment of mistakes, embezzlement, and misappropriation. It could lead to discontinuance of the company or bankruptcy. In addition, investors don't recognize them but they often get to be responsible for them.

Startup Teamwork Brainstorming Meeting concept in office

Startup Investment

Investment Term Sheet Legal Validation · Foreign-restricted Business Category Check · Foreign-invested Capital Increase Permission · Foreign-invested Share Deal Permission · Opening IICA · Capitalization Transaction Support · SHA · SSA · SPA · Convertible Note · Loan · Debt to Equity Conversion · Business Category Revision · Joint-stock Company Conversion · Capital Surplus · Business License Revision · RPS · CPS · RCPS · Stock Option · ESOP · Cross Border Corporate Flip

Quotation Request · Contact

We can get your phone calls at 09:00 ~ 17:00 GMT+7 on Monday ~ Friday. Please contact +84-8888-85840 for English and Vietnamese, and +84-8888-82820 for Korean. If you need a detail response, we recommend you to write an email to